A (very) brief history of digital news video

By Kay T. Nguyen

This is a video about video. It’s a look at the last 10 years of online news video in one minute.

When this class decided to experiment with the CJR website, the thought of adding of multimedia components such as video, podcasts and data visualizations all cropped up in conversation. Experimentation with video was covered in the issue in Carrie Waltemeyer’s piece about NowThis.

We considered visiting video news departments or featuring a specific organization, but difficulties arose when we thought about making an innovative, engaging video that didn’t revolve around the traditional formula of talking heads and b-roll. That, in turn, led to this final idea about the evolution of online video and the changes that have come to the medium.

I culled information about the status of online video from previous annual State of the News Media reports from Pew and combined it with a video example from that year, to represent a major trend in digital video.

Kay Nguyen is a multimedia reporter interested in exploring the intersection of people and public policy.